House of Worship Audio/Visual Services

With over 12 years of experience in House of Worship productions, we want to help you maximize your resources to create the best experience possible for your congregation. If you struggle with bridging the gap between your vision and your equipment or training, we can help! 


Our team of professional sound and lighting techs can help teach your volunteers and employees basic audio/lighting/video techniques and best practices. We can also take your team to the next level with advanced techniques, and bridging the gap between musician and technician.


We can help you with developing vision for your production, effectively communicating that between your teams. We can evaluate your technical equipment and provide guidance for upgrades or better utilization of your current equipment, with honest, unbiased guidance for equipment purchases.

Team Relief

Have a special event that needs more equipment, more people, more knowledge? We can provide for those special events, or even just to give your team a break.

Equipment Repair

Our expert technicians can analyze issues you are having with equipment, and often provide a repair or fix that will help solve your problem. We also offer room tuning and general maintenance to help your current system sound the best it possibly can.

Why Gordon Sound?

Gordon Sound is a Christian owned company with over 12 years of experience in House of Worship productions and over 31 years serving Kitsap County. Our desire is to serve congregations of all sizes and budgets. We want to help your vision come to life.

Ready to take the next steps?

We want to hear from you. Bring your vision and we'll bring the expertise.

Together, we can make your services shine.